CAMPAIGNERS are asking motorists to honk their horn at the Dartford Crossing to protest against government plans to sell it.

Local Liberal Democrats launched the Say No To The Toll Rip Off campaign in January after the government announced plans to sell the crossing to a private company this summer.

They want the government to keep the crossing and scrap the toll, which they fear will increase in price if bought by a company.

On March 26 the protesters will be standing by the toll booths on the M25 with signs encouraging drivers to honk their horns to show support for the campaign.

Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Dartford, James Willis, said: “The Dartford Crossing was supposed to be free after the tolls had paid off the construction costs in 2003.

“But now Labour want to sell off the crossing to a private company, who are likely to increase toll charges to maximise their profits.

“Residents are furious, and rightly so, and we want to give them a chance to sound their fury during our Toot If You Give a Hoot day.”

The Lib Dems have sent 10,000 leaflets to north Kent homes urging people to sign their petition against the sale, which was launched in January.

In the last financial year 51,662,878 vehicles used the bridge, generating around £67.3m gross for the government from the tolls.

The government says any contract to sell the crossing over the Thames to a private company will forbid excessive toll charges.