Do you spend increasing amounts of time on Facebook during the development of your usage to the extent that you suffer from obsessive thoughts about Facebook updates? Perhaps you now stop answering phone calls and insist on using Facebook chat.

However, This only gets serious if, upon meeting new people, your first question is not “What’s your name?” but “Do you have Facebook?”, or your cat has a Facebook profile.

If you suffer from these symptoms, then you unfortunately have FAD, also known as Facebook Addiction Disorder.

Although FAD is a serious concern, there are treatments available, such as this 3 step course:

1: Dedicate one day of your life to Facebook, not indulging in any other activity; this will exhaust your obsession.

2: At the end of your one day session, instead of signing out, delete your Facebook account altogether.

3: Unplug your computer from the mains and smash it up into tiny pieces, using a hammer for extreme satisfaction.

This simple process will free you from Facebook! Although an extreme dosage of Facebook can be harmful to health, if utilized correctly, it can be constructive.

Not only does the Networking Site allow you to connect with old friends, it allows businesses to advertise and sell.

Facebook: A cause of anxiety and obsession... If you make it.