Climate change is certainly a recurring and indeed topical issue that we have to deal with nowadays, consistently sparking arguments between people all over the world as to what should be done about it, or even if it is really happening in the first place.

While the majority of people strongly believe that global temperatures are unbalanced, some are debating the idea that this is all actually complete and utter nonsense; more so following the recent scandal, when somebody hacked into the computers of East Anglia University’s Central Research Union (CRU), and exposed thousands of emails detailing how climate change data had been repeatedly altered.

However, whether we are experiencing climate change or not, I believe we should all still make an effort to try and preserve our planet.

Sustainability is important - this means preserving the Earth’s resources for future generations and using them in a way that causes minimal long-term effects on the environment - and this is exactly what we should be concentrating on.

Politicians, activists and civil servants from around the world have therefore decided to unite together in Copenhagen for the UN conference.

They are hoping to reach a new treaty on climate change by discussing the main problems we are facing. There has been some progress made, nevertheless much havoc has also occurred during the past week.

Almost 1,000 climate change protesters were arrested in Copenhagen, after rioters disputed with police and smashed shop windows.

While this is not at all surprising, it seems to me a shame that people need to go to such an extent to make a statement, when all we are trying to do is resolve issues to make this planet a better place for all.