The recent discovery of a significant amount of water on the moon has excited many people.

NASA’s experiment proved to be a tremendous success; it involved smashing a rocket into a large crater at the lunar south pole, hoping to kick up ice which obviously worked and turned out to give positive results.

The equivalent of 24 gallons of frozen water, mixed in with the rock and dust was thrown into the air and consequently amazed many scientists, for they have long suspected the existence of water on the Moon, but have never been able to effectively prove it.

I found this news extremely inspiring and captivating. From the first time man set foot on the Moon in up until now, more and more progress has happened.

Even though there is so much we already know about space, especially the Moon, there is so much more that we are yet to discover.

Scientists have always constantly been in a search for breakthroughs like this to occur.

The fact that water exists on the Moon opens so many new doors and I am certain scientists are now after more information, leading to more experiments, trying to determine what could happen in the future based on this amazing discovery.

NASA has been ever so enthusiastic about finding water on the moon because it means they are one step closer to the dream of having a permanent lunar base.

This would be an extraordinary achievement for mankind: with the benefit of water on the Moon, astronauts would be able to drink it, not to mention the fact that it could also be manipulated to produce oxygen which is obviously essential for life, and even converted into fuel.

The lunar station on the Moon would then be extremely helpful for scientists hoping to obtain more information in places such as Mars.