AN ‘AQUARIUM’ has been installed in a hospital corridor to make children’s visits less frightening.

The colourful window display at the Princess Royal University Hospital, Farnborough, aims to distract patients on their way in to the children’s ward.

There is also a ceiling display to distract youngsters who are being taken to theatre while lying down.

The Rotary Club of Bromley raised £15,000 for the displays, which were created by Bromley-based graphics company Creative FX.

Club president Tony Galley said: “We wanted to provide a happy journey in the hallway to the theatre for the children.”

The PRUH’s play specialist Sian Spencer-Little said: “It is important to create a friendly environment for our younger patients.

“It is proving popular with all age groups and we are grateful to the Rotary club for enabling this work to take place.”