A ROOFER who killed his fiancee's stepfather and burnt the body in an incinerator has walked free from court.

Gavin Hunt, aged 35, said he was acting in self defence when he choked Jarnail Singh Briah to death.

The resident of Eastcombe Avenue, Charlton, said the pair began fighting after Mr Hunt told the property developer his step-daughter had claimed he sexually abused her.

He told Snaresbrook Crown Court: "I'm not a weak person but, at times during the fight, I was overpowered."

Mr Singh Briah, 53, died while Mr Hunt held him in a headlock.

The court heard Mr Hunt had "no choice" but to dispose of the body after hearing the dead man's sons were on the "warpath" following his disappearance and he feared for his fiancee's life.

The roofer cut up the body with handsaws before burning it and scattering the ashes in a stream.

Mr Hunt's secret relationship with Charanjit Vansal sparked off the fight which led to Mr Singh-Briah's death During the trial the court heard she sent Mr Hunt text messages after her stepfather's disappearance saying: "You are my guardian angel."

Mr Hunt walked free from court June 23 after a four-hour deliberation by the jury.