All teenage girls go through the phase where physical attractiveness is essential in everyday life. To achieve flawless skin, glamorous eyes and pout lips is no mean feat but it is now possible with the wide variety of beauty products marketed in the High Street and many brands which specifically target the teenage audience. Why? Because of the huge scope in the industry to make millions just by aiming at this particular audience. I am mildly confident that a teenage girl (at least once in her life) has looked in the mirror and thought “ I need more foundation, my spots look horrific,” or “I must get my hands on that new skin care range that proves to make my skin look flawless.”

I believe that the necessity for make-up has arisen from the many taboos in the modern society regarding external appearance of one self. It has been proven scientifically that upon first sight of a person, we judge that person (mostly females) by their facial appearance. We all would like to see a lady with smooth skin, flawless complexion and good sense of style. It even goes as far as many professional fields; women who present themselves more decadently by piling on the make-up are far more likely to bag that job than a woman with hardly any make-up on at all.

The beauty industry has escalated through these past 10 years, despite the current economic climate. Products such as skin cleansers, lipsticks and eye make-up being the foundation of it all. Fancy advertising method such as hiring a celebrity to boast the campaign of a product is extremely common and plays a huge role in persuading the public into buying the products. This has lead to companies making us feel that we cannot live without these products and are a full proof way of achieving the ‘perfect’ look.

One can argue, what is perfection? Is it just looking tip-top, not a single flaw? Then what is being flawless? Having no blemishes on ones face or any spots or any marks what so ever? Well no one in the world is flawless, we all have flaws, unless you are not human and I am pretty sure we all are. With being human comes the flaws, the imperfections and the annoying things our body does. That is simply how we are made. Then why are we adamant to use countless numbers of chemicals upon our face to look perfect? Surely it is all superficial and we should not cave into what the beauty industry wants, for them to gain customers who buy their products and make a profit. We should be proud of what we are given, how we look and who we are. However the society we live in is tough and judgmental. What can we do about that?