Over the years Toyota has built up a reputation of reliable, good quality cars.

Recently that reputation has started to fade away due to faulty accelerators and sticky brakes.

All over the world Toyota has been recalling various types of Toyota cars like the Toyota Yaris due to these faults.

People who own a car that has to be recalled are starting to get very concerned about their safety in their car and are thinking second on their view of Toyota.

More than 350,000 Toyota cars have already been recalled in the UK alone. More than 3.8 million Toyota cars have been recalled in the US. And more than eight million Toyota cars have been recalled in the world. More are still meant to be recalled.

Lots more people are complaining and more than 2,000 people are trying to get a refund on their Toyota car.

Toyota’s reputation so rapidly changing to unreliable, faulty cars. Every day cars are being recalled and the public are thinking twice on their view of Toyota.

By Pierce Chalmers, age 12, from Eltham