A SEVEN-year-old girl is hoping Cupid's arrow did its work on Valentine's Day so she can fulfil her dream of being a bridesmaid.

Cherub-like Helen Turner wants to be a bridesmaid so much, she dresses up in her mother's wedding veil whenever she can.

She has even designed the dress she would wear for the occasion.

Helen, who lives with her parents and 10-year-old brother, Christopher, in Chalk Road, Gravesend, hopes lovebirds who got engaged on Valentine's Day might ask her to be their bridesmaid because she does not know anyone who is planning to get married.

Mum, Heidi Turner, 40, said: "Every time we go into Monsoon she has to try it all on and do a little twirl in front of the shop assistants.

"All our family and friends are married, so there's no prospect for her to be a bridesmaid. She wants to get in there before she's too old."

Helen has designed a white ankle-length dress with silver sequins around the waist. She imagines having a pink, white and blue bouquet and holding back some of her long hair with a clip decorated with roses.

She said: "I would like to be a bridesmaid because I like dressing up in nice clothes and I like to get to know people better.

"I have never been to a wedding before so I might be a bit nervous," she admitted.

Her mum, who was a bridesmaid three times before getting married, says she would buy the bridesmaid's dress.

Helen wants to be a vet when she grows up and loves animals. She horse-rides and enjoys swimming, dancing and singing.

If you would like to ask Helen to be your bridesmaid, call 01689 885715.