AN EMPTY room with a dirty pint glass in the corner, a hexagonal pencil and a set of keys perched on the skirting board are just some of the bizarre installations at Goth On Bus’s exhibition Incidents.

The seven pieces on display have been chosen by the four emerging artists for their unassuming nature and are placed deliberately out of context in the Greenwich gallery’s space.

According to gallery owner Tim Molloy, former assistant to Damien Hirst, the works are intended to “jolt us into an extended reality.”

All very enigmatic but the pieces are so abstract, while helping myself to a beer at a private viewing, I felt a shot of panic at the thought I might be consuming one of the installations.

It is certainly a talking point, but is it really art? Pop along and make up your own mind.

Incidents. Goth On Bus, Greenwich South Street. Until February 13.