Musical talent is springing from everywhere nowadays; pubs, schools, student talent shows and even street corners! But where are all these new freelancing musicians coming from?

The generations born from up to the past four decades have been heavily influenced by the music around them and this shows in the rising amount of musicians leaving today’s secondary schools. Music is offered as a GCSE subject but lessons are also commonly available in many particular instruments to all students.

I asked Ms Masterson, music teacher of 6 years, what she thought about music in the school where she works, Cator Park for Girls. She said that they have a good music department but that there should be more activity and events such as performances within the community etc. Ms Masterson, who also plays piano and cello, added that there are a few good bands and many students attending instrument lessons but that there could be so many more! Young musical talent is coming from everywhere, but seems like improvement is still needed.

So with supportive teachers and more improvements to music departments across schools could the amount of students leaving school with music qualifications rise even more? And if so, would this be a good thing? Does the country really need more musical talent, especially with shows much as The X-Factor and Britains Got Talent already bringing Britains best to the big stage?

Schools are expected to be very helpful and supportive to students that are interested in music as well as any other subject. They are responsible for providing the facilities and resources available that help propel pupils into a successful and more enjoyable music-related education.

For some this works out perfectly, proven by adolescent rock band Endless, product of local boys school Kelsey Park Sports College. Young guitarist Luke Alland, 14, has been playing guitar since he was 12 and also plays five other instruments. He once attempted solo work but found working with a group of people much more to his liking. Enthusiastic bassist Jack Kettle-Smith, 17, also plays several other instruments and said he plans to stay with the band “forever and ever and ever...” Both said that they love being in a band and have future plans for their music. We wish Endless the best of luck in their upcoming performances and much success.