BOOKMAKER Ladbrokes is taking bets on who will win each constituency in the next general election.

Lewisham and Greenwich

In Greenwich and Woolwich Labour are the clear front runners with odds of 1/100, while Conservatives and Lib Dems trail behind with odds of 25/1.

Bookies are offering the same odds on Rafael Nadal winning three tennis grand slams this year.

Labour are also the favourites in the Lewisham Deptford constituency with odds of 1/66 followed by the Green Party with 12/1.

Odds of a Lib Dem victory are 33/1 while Conservatives fall behind at 100/1, which is the same odds as Crystal Palace winning the FA cup this year.

The only seat the Conservatives are predicted to win is in Eltham with odds of 1/10.

But they are closely followed by Labour with odds of 11/2.

Lib Dems have the same odds as Andy Murray winning Wimbledon this year at 100/1.

In the Lewisham East constituency Labour are the favourites at 1/25.

According to Ladbrokes, Conservatives stand the same chance as winning the seat as Stephanie Beacham winning Big Brother. Both have odds of 8/1.

The chance of Lib Dems winning is low with odds of 40/1 but Greens trail further behind with odds of 100/1.

Lewisham West and Penge has the closest seats with Labour 1/7 and Conservatives 5/1.

Lib Dem are third with 16/1, which is the same odds as a British director winning the best director oscar in 2010.

Greens and Nick Long stand the same chance as Australia winning the football world cup this year with odds of 100/1.

Full list of odds from Ladbrokes:


Conservatives 1/10

Labour 11/2

Lib Dem 100/1

Greenwich and Woolwich

Labour 1/100

Conservatives 25/1

Lib Dem 25/1

Lewisham Deptford

Labour 1/66

Green 12/1

Lib Dem 33/1

Conservatives 100/1

Lewisham East

Labour 1/25

Conservatives 8/1

Lib Dem 40/1

Greens 100/1

Lewisham West and Penge

Labour 1/7

Conservatives 5/1

Lib Dem 16/1

Greens 100/1

Nick Long 100/1


Ladbrokes' latest odds throw up few surprises in Bromley borough with all three Tory contenders in seemingly untouchable positions.

Beckenham Conservative candidate Bob Stewart is the clear front runner with unattractive odds of 1/500, while Bromley and Chislehurst MP Bob Neill and Orpington candidate Jo Johnson are both 1/100 favourites.

Odds of a Lib Dem victory in Bromley or Orpington are a 12/1 long shot - the same odds as Penelope Cruz winning best supporting actress at this year’s Golden Globe awards.

Labour and Lib Dems candidates look even further from victory in Beckenham, with both put out at 33/1.

Bookies are offering the same odds on England star David Beckham winning BBC Sport Personality of the Year next December.

According to Ladbrokes, the Green Party stand the same chance winning the Orpington seat as Australia do in this summer’s football world cup. Both have long odds of 100/1.

Full list of odds from Ladbrokes:

Bromley and Chislehurst

Conservatives 1/100

Lib Dems 12/1

Labour 100/1

English Democrats 100/1


Conservatives 1/100

Lib Dems 12/1

Labour 100/1

Green Party 100/1


Conservatives 1/500

Labour 33/1

Lib Dems 33/1