A DESIGNER has converted a wheelie bin into a toilet in a bid to stop people urinating on the street.

Stephan Bischof says the invention could be a solution to the illegal act of urinating in public and anti-social behaviour.

A funnel is included at the side of the wheelie bin which transfers liquid to a removable base where it is converted into a bio-fertiliser.

Mr Bischof, of Stondon Park, Honor Oak, said: “Liquid flows into a second base, separate to the rubbish. I didn’t want to destroy that function of the bin.”

The Swiss designer added: “Urine is completely separate in a draw where you can put dry grass. It becomes a bio-fertiliser so you can take it into the garden and put it on the soil.”

A prototype was tested in New Cross Road and was used by five people in two hours.

The 24-year-old said: “It was on the main road with traffic going past so it was quite astonishing to see people using it.”

He added: “A lot of people walked past it shocked at what they saw. But people who needed to go to the toilet did use it.”

The ‘wheelie bin urinal’ is directed at men because they are statistically the cause of the problem.

Mr Bischof, who studied at Goldsmiths College, said: “I’m excited about the internet discussions going on because it is a public problem.

“Many public toilets have closed down. I would like politicians to pick up on it and address the situation.”

Mr Bischof has spent £100 making his idea and now needs funding to develop the prototype.

Other designs by Mr Bischof include a musical speed hump and a traffic sign which doubles up as a bird house.

To view more designs by Mr Bischof, visit designrat.co.uk