AN Albanian gang is continuing to flood the internet with violent music videos and pictures of men apparently brandishing automatic weapons.

A group from Bromley calling themselves the OTR gang has recorded dozens of music videos in the past year and posted scores of pictures online of alleged members handling potentially lethal handguns and rifles.

Most of the videos are accompanied by rap songs with lyrics threatening violence.

The latest video was uploaded on a video sharing website last week and begins showing an OTR logo below the words ON TOP OF THE REST.

News Shopper: BROMLEY: Albanian gang brandish guns in online boasts

The crude four-minute rap then brags that an OTR gang member will “put a punch in your mouth” and says: “If I pull the trigger you’re going to permanently bleed.”

Several videos refer to a Glock - a brand of pistol.

The hateful lyrics continue: “I pull guns out of hats, now that’s magic.

“I’m pulling my Glock, I’ll feed you to dogs, throw your body over a cliff, leave you sleeping with rocks.”

Pictures labelled O.T.R/GG ARMY's Photos on a popular social networking site also show several men wielding what appear to be automatic rifles and handguns.

In one picture a man is holding a black pistol up to another man’s head.

News Shopper: BROMLEY: Albanian gang brandish guns in online boasts

It is unclear whether the weapons are replicas.

Many of the pictures include men and women showing off OTR tattoos on their arms, hands and stomachs.

More videos depict men driving expensive sports cars wearing OTR branded T-shirts and gold chains.

In other recent OTR online posts, alleged gang members are seen in baseball hats and baggy clothes showing off flags, tattoos and banners emblazoned with the black two-headed eagle on the Albanian flag.

News Shopper: BROMLEY: Albanian gang brandish guns in online boasts

And a video posted on November 12 talks about an OTR gang member “rolling through the hood” with a gun and then goes on to describe shooting someone in the stomach.

The same video starts with a picture of a two-headed eagle behind the words “BROMLEY A TOWN”.

In 2006, News Shopper exclusively revealed the group was posting pictures of themselves on the internet handling weapons and the Met Police sought to reassure the public that there was “no indication of gun-related crime associated with the Albanian community in Bromley”.

A year later, Scotland Yard’s Special Crime Directorate named the On Top Of The Rest gang on a list of more than 200 in the capital.

Bromley Police insist the guns on show are fake.

News Shopper: BROMLEY: Albanian gang brandish guns in online boasts

A spokesman said: “There's no evidence that these photographs involve real weapons and no evidence that the photos were taken in Bromley, or even this country. “There's nothing to say that these are recent photos.”

Borough commander Chief Superintendent Charles Griggs added: "We are aware of the OTR.

“We also use the internet as a source of intelligence and we will continue to take proactive action against any organised criminal network in Bromley.”