AN outspoken boxing promoter from Chislehurst has challenged BNP leader Nick Griffin to a charity boxing match in the run-up to the general election.

Boxing manager Frank Maloney is standing for UKIP in Barking at the next election - the same east London constituency being contested by controversial British National Party boss Nick Griffin.

Mr Maloney says the loser of the bout should step aside and let the other have a “clear race” with the Labour MP Margaret Hodge.

Both men have competed in the ring before with MEP Mr Griffin donning boxing gloves and earning a boxing blue at Cambridge University.

The 50-year-old represented the university against Oxford three years running, losing the first year on points before winning the next two with first round stoppages.

Meanwhile, Mr Maloney has competed in 69 amateur fights and says the contest could raise thousands of pounds for charity.

The 55-year-old said: "This is a serious offer I am making to Griffin.

News Shopper: Frank Maloney

"BNP members have made it clear on internet forums that I shouldn't stand in Barking.

"If they don't want me, let Griffin beat me out of the general election in a charity boxing match to be staged in the constituency.

"We would both nominate a local charity and the money raised would go to the organisation nominated by the winner.

"The loser of our fight should suffer and be forced to step down from standing at the general election.”

He added: "That would leave the winner in a clear race with Margaret Hodge for the seat in the Houses of Parliament."

News Shopper has contacted Nick Griffin’s office for a response to the challenge and is awaiting a reply.

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