PARAMEDICS were showered in glass when a missile was hurled through the windscreen of their ambulance.

The two South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAS) workers were on their way to help someone with breathing problems in Gravesend when they were attacked in Greenhithe on Sunday.

Siren wailing and lights flashing, they were on London Road, approaching the Knockhall Road junction, when the missile hit at around 5.30pm, causing minor injury to both.

The ambulance was taken off the road for repair, and Kent police have launched an investigation.

Detective Inspector Neil Parker, from the north Kent area crime uni,t said: “The consequences of having something thrown through the windscreen could have been catastrophic.

“Not only to the occupants but to any passengers or the person they were due to attend to.

“We suspect this was deliberate damage caused by a brick or a stone and I would urge anyone with information about who is responsible to get in touch.

“It is vital emergency service crews are able to respond to incidents and help people without having to fear for their own safety.”

SECAS NHS Trust security management specialist David Dixon said the thug who threw the missile could have caused the death of the paramedics.

He said: “These actions were incredibly irresponsible and dangerous, endangering the lives of the crew who were responding to someone in need of medical assistance.

“Lives were further put at risk as the vehicle was not able to respond in the time immediately after the incident.

“Whoever is responsible for this incident needs to realise the seriousness of their actions.”

If you have information which may help police with their investigation, contact DI Parker on 01474 366180 or Kent Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.