- Name, age, where do you live?

Claudia Cadette, youthful in spirit!, Forest Hill.

- How long have you been performing?

Professionally for 15 years but I started doing ballet at the age of five.

- How did you get into it?

After starting Saturday ballet classes at the Italia Conti Academy, I auditioned for a full-time place at the school when I was 11 and got in. At 16 I won a dance award scholarship to continue studies as a student on the performing arts course.

- What do you enjoy about your job?

The variety of work and meeting people with like minds and a passion about music and drama. I also like being able to express myself as usually I am quite shy although others may think otherwise! And I enjoy the creativity involved in the work, which is wonderful and fulfilling.

- Who do you most admire in the profession?

There isn't anyone in particular but I admire actors who stay true to themselves in this business and do not aspire to fame but are just passionate about their work.

- Do you prefer TV work or stage?

Both are fulfilling in different ways. TV allows an intimacy which is particular to the medium. On stage you can really let rip and live in the moment without worrying about pressing rewind and squirming at the bits you don't like!

- Favourite play or musical?

None in particular but I was inspired by Jenny Jules' performance in Wine in the Wilderness at the Tricycle Theatre.

- Which role do you dream of playing?

I don't dream of playing any role in particular. The only dreams I have are at night (and hopefully they are good ones!)

- Hopes for the future?

To continue doing what I'm doing.

-- Claudia Cadette plays Kathy in the new ska musical The Big Life at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East from April 17 to May 22. The show concerns a group of newly-arrived immigrants from the Caribbean in the late-1950s. Claudia's parents themselves came to London from St Lucia during this period.