A FATHER told an inquest of his newly-wed son's mental turmoil in the hours before he was found dead at the bottom of a towerblock.

Edward Collins, from Bromley, said his son Joseph Collins, 43, had been married a week when he was taken by his family to the Royal London Hospital on October 4.

During his visit Joseph told mental health nurse Jennifer Oates he had stolen money from his wife to buy drugs and had begun smoking heroin again.

Mr Collins said: "He was calling himself evil, saying he wasn't worthy of all the goodness. He was in a terrible state.

"He never got the help he needed. He was given three tablets and told to go home."

St Pancras Coroner's Court heard Mr Collins was seen leaning from a 17th floor window of a tower block near his home in Holloway.

He was pronounced dead at the foot of the building shortly after midnight.

Coroner Dr Andrew Reid recorded an open verdict last Thursday.