Several students at Southborough Primary School have been asked to report on events at the school. Here is one of those reports from a year 6 student: In October 2009, 40 children from year 6 went to an activity centre called Arethusa, myself included. There were a variety of different activities all of which we enjoyed thoroughly, and here are a few of the activities we enjoyed the most!

Firstly, we enjoyed Rock climbing, one or two of us said, “I can’t do it” - About a billion times, but everyone was very supportive and about 90% of us got to the top - 40ft high! It was a lot of hard work and everyone’s hands and legs were aching loads but we all had an enjoyable climb.

Secondly we tried kayaking, but we didn’t use the oars because we were in an indoor swimming pool so we had to use our hands to steer which was very tiring. We had 1hr ½ sessions in 4 different groups each supervised by a teacher, plus a qualified instructor or two. There were a lot of fun and games including bingo but we also had shapes and toys in the water. The instructor/ lifeguard called out one of the toys and the first person to reach and grab that toy got to keep it! Each normal one was worth 5 points but the purple octopus was worth 20 points! It was fun - extremely - and very funny, especially when a friend and I had to do the YMCA!

And finally we had a go at archery, we played a game called 'the dating game'! Each ring was worth something different e.g. Simon Cowell in McDonalds in a monster truck. And some of us were happy with the results some of us not as much.

I came back home on Friday as a bit of a daredevil and my family are proud of me and I’m sure other peoples families are proud of their son and/or daughter as well. It would be great if all children got a chance to go to Arethusa just like me.

By a year 6 student