POLICE and community groups have sought to reassure the public after a spate of violent crimes in the borough.

Since the Halloween weekend, police have launched two separate murder investigations following the death of 36-year-old Moses Duvall in St Paul’s Cray and Richard Price, 23, who died in hospital following an assault in Bromley High Street.

Then on Tuesday afternoon (November 3) Orpington High Street was closed and several police officers left injured after college students ran amok.

Later that evening, pubs around Bromley town centre were closed for fear of more violence.

Bromley police’s borough commander, Chief Superintendent Charles Griggs, has now moved to dispel any concerns about crime in the borough.

He said: "As a local resident I share the community's concerns about the violent incidents that have occurred over the last few days.

“However, I can assure people that our investigations into all the incidents will be thorough and our operational response will be both firm and proportionate.”

Chairman of the Bromley Community Engagement Forum Howard Clark added: “Although the incidents in the borough over the past few days have been of a concern, I must ask all residents and community members to remember Bromley remains a safe and pleasant place to live.

“There is not and has not been a sudden crime wave and you should not be discouraged to enjoy the many amenities the borough has to offer.

“It is business as usual and please support our local police’s efforts to ensure this continues.”

Talking about the deaths of Mr Price and Mr Duvall, deputy borough commander Detective Superintendent Martin Huxley said: "These were two totally unconnected and isolated incidents which need to be seen against a backdrop of a reduction in burglary, robbery and disorder over the Halloween period.

“These incidents were unrelated to the fact that it was Halloween. Bromley remains one of the safest boroughs in London.”