Jeremy Gaskell gave his display “British Borneo.”

Jeremy’s display included stamps, postcards, covers and documents from all four countries, namely Brunei, British North Borneo, Labuan and Sarawak. For each territory he explained the history and how they came to be part of the British Empire, and the personalities involved, including the Brooke family of “white rajahs.”

As well as the basic stamps, there were many varieties, sometimes on the original design plates, others were overprints inverted, double, missing etc. He highlighted the problems for collectors caused by the excessive numbers of cancelled to order remainders, particularly true of British North Borneo and Labuan. These were further supplemented by numerous forgeries, and spurious postmarks.

Jeremy dealt with the Japanese Occupation period, showing the various stamps, and giving background information on the various camps etc. He highlighted the infamous march of the POWs across the mountains and their treatment and massacre. He also commented that the ban on head-hunting strictly obeyed in Sarawak, was suspended after the Japanese invasion, but re-introduced after the war.

David Hubbard proposed the Vote of Thanks on behalf of the members present.

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