A ROBBERY which left a “vulnerable” pensioner with a broken cheekbone has led to a man and woman being given a combined prison sentence of 13 years.

Gurdial Matharu, 67, was on his way home from the Dartford Working Men’s Club in Essex Road when he was punched and kicked to the ground on April 23.

His attackers, Joselyn Watson, aged 38, of Priory Road, Dartford, was sentenced to seven years in prison and Brett Henderson, aged 37, of Trevithick Drive, Dartford, was given a six-year sentence.

Watson was convicted of robbing Mr Matharu and causing him GBH with intent following a trial at Maidstone Crown Court last month, while Henderson had earlier pleaded guilty to the same charges.

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Prosecutor Sarah O’Kane said: “Mr Matharu was grabbed around the throat and punched in the face.

“He was pushed backwards to the floor and kicked and punched till he lost consciousness.”

A cyclist passing by at around 9.45pm saw the incident and called police.

Ms O’Kane said: “He saw the male, Henderson, leant over the victim saying, ‘You are going to die, mate’.

“He was seen to stand back and kick the victim with force in the face saying, ‘Where’s your wallet, it’s time to pay up’.

“Watson had her hands in the victim’s pockets.

“Henderson said, ‘Have you got anything else, you better tell me or I am going to stab you’.”

The pair took £160 and then fled after hearing police sirens.

Police found Henderson pushing Watson over a fence.

She ended up waist-deep in mud and had to be rescued by firefighters.

Mr Matharu was treated at Darent Valley Hospital for bruising around the eyes, cuts and grazes to the back of his head and lips, and bruising to his chest, arms and legs.

In a victim statement taken last month (August) and read to the court on Friday, Ms O’Kane said: “He had not been recovering well, he was still suffering from pain and trouble when eating.

“He also was suffering from headaches and pain to his head. He suffered with back pain, and black spots in his eyes.

“He rarely goes out and the attack has changed him. He’s now nervous and will often get his wife to come and collect him.

“He has not driven because of the headaches and blurred vision.

“He concludes, I can’t put into terms how much this vicious attack changes your life.”

Maidstone Crown Court heard mother-of-three Watson had previous convictions for common assault, theft and criminal damage.

It also heard father-of-three Henderson had previous convictions for criminal damage, battery and possessing an offensive weapon.

Mark Dacey, mitigating for Henderson, said his client was ashamed of his behaviour but could not remember the incident.

Alan Walmsley, mitigating for Watson, said she suffered depression and had been involved in a number of relationships, many of which contained ingredients of violence.