A PINT-SIZED mum reckons her bouncing baby boy is one of the largest in the country weighing-in at 13lb 12oz when he was born.

Proud mother-of-five Lorraine Wood, 34, of Otters Close, St Mary Cray, contacted the News Shopper to say her son was a record-breaker when he arrived at Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup, on October 6, 2001.

Edward Robert Leo Wood is the biggest naturally born baby at the maternity unit in Queen Mary's Hospital since it opened in 1974.

And at three months he is growing out of clothes designed for babies aged six to 12 months even though he has gained just 3lbs since birth.

Mrs Wood, 5ft 1ins, who ate ice cubes to stay cool while she was pregnant, has no idea why Edward grew so big.

She said: "He came out two weeks late but I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary. All our children have been big, but Edward's a real big boy."

His siblings varied from 11lb 6oz to 9lb 4oz.

Father, Shane, 32, said: "It would be nice if he became a striker for West Ham, he could really use his size to hammer the goals home."

The largest baby ever at birth was a Canadian boy born 23lbs 12oz in 1879.

Sadly the baby died just 11 hours later.