A FEW days after your report came out, I had to attend the hospital. The parking situation, which is incomprehensible, was compounded by what appeared to be unofficial traffic wardens.

This I found totally unacceptable and insensitive.

I cannot understand the absurdity of proclaiming No Parking for Visitors' when I have always understood visitors are essential to the recovery of patients.

Keith Lucas's job description, "Head of Facilities", is poor. Surely parking spaces at hospitals with outpatients, who are incapacitated sufficiently to walk to the much-appreciated new hydro pool, donated by public subscription, should be a priority.

The suggestion patients and visitors should use the Station Road car park and then use public transport are complete nonsense. Public notices are already on show saying Tesco is going to pull this car park down.

Is the land to the left of the entrance road going to be made available for car parking or is this also designated for Barratt for further house building?

June Mervin
Hillcrest Road