IT’S that time of year again when thousands of teenagers are waking up to find out their A-level results, and see if they got into university.

Experts say the number of passes is set to break records again for the 26th year running.

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12.42: Congratulations to five-grade As student Stefanie Tann from Gravesend Grammar School for Girls. Three students from the school have offers from Oxford and Cambridge. Also celebrating tonight will be Kari Clark, Cara Fulker, Susan Gow, twins Katie and Laura Humphreys, Madeleine Lawrence, Deborah Morgan, who all got four grade As. Forty-four per cent of students gained at least one A grade and 14 per cent got three or more A grades. The school had an overall pass rate of 98.6 per cent.

10.22: The Grammar School for Girls Wilmington is celebrating its best results ever with 97 per cent of students passing and 71 per cent scoring A to C grades. Thirty-four per cent got at least one grade A.


3.10: Congratulations to Adam Young from Darrick Wood School in Orpington who got five A grades. A delighted Edwin O’Hanlon and Charlotte Foyle both scored four A grades. Forty per cent of all students achieved at least one grade A.

3.03: Bromley High School in Bickley is celebrating its best ever results with 85.45 per cent of grades either A or B. More than half of all results were grade A, with As for everyone who sat modern foreign languages.

News Shopper: A-LEVELS: The latest results from your area

2.56: At Hayes School 18 students achieved three or more A grades, with 51 per cent of all students achieving A and B grades and 79 per cent getting A to C grades. Congratulations to Emily Blackshaw, William Burch, Liam D’Arcy, Kieran Hughes and David Sterling, who each got four A grades.

News Shopper: A-LEVELS: The latest results from your area

1.04: Seventeen students from Newstead Wood School for Girls in Orpington are Oxbridge-bound. Eighty-four per cent of all grades were either A or B, and 10 per cent of students gained A grades in four subjects. The school recorded an overall pass rate of 99.8 per cent.

12.11: Ella Batchelor from Bullers Wood School in Chislehurst will be celebrating this evening. She is going to Oxford St Catherine’s to study History. Well done to Sophia James, who achieved four A grades, and also to Samantha Anderson, Hannah Garcia, Eva Hau, Sarah Kwok, Simone Kwok and Balbina Pawlowski, who all achieved three A grades. Almost 47 per cent of students at the school got As and Bs with an overall pass rate of 99.35 per cent.

11.34: Eight-three per cent of students at Langley Park School for Boys in Beckenham scored A to C grades. Out of 270 students, five gained four A grades, 22 got three A grades, 23 gained two A grades and 56 recorded one A grade.

11.32: Langley Park School for Girls in Beckenham recorded a pass rate of 96.9 per cent, with 71.6 per cent getting As, Bs and Cs.

11.17: Congratulations to mathematical wizard Nathan Webster, from Ravens Wood School. Nathan was the only person in his school to take Further Maths (Additional) and he believes only a handful of people took it in the entire country.

News Shopper: A-LEVELS: The latest results from your area

He also got As in Further Maths, Maths and Physics A-Levels at the school in Oakley Road, Bromley. And the 18-year-old obtained the top grade in History, Information and Communication Technology, Science, English and French AS-Levels.

He is now looking forward to going to Mansfield College at Oxford to read mathematics. He said: "To be at the centre of the world in terms of maths is something I cannot wait for."

10.39: Langley Park School for Boys in Beckenham achieved a pass rate of 99 per cent.


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2.50: At Kidbrooke School in Blackheath, the pass rate was 95 per cent with 17 per cent achieving A grades. Steffan Blayney’s four A grades in government and politics, history, maths and physics has secured his place at Oxford University where he will study history.

Deputy headteacher Jo Armitage said: “We are very pleased to be celebrating with these high-achieving students. It is exciting to see such a string of A grades and we know they’re well deserved.”

11.50: Congratulations to Peter Evans and Lewis Owen from Eltham College. They both got four As, and are off to Cambridge to study Natural Sciences. The college is celebrating its best results ever, with 70 per cent of results grade A. Almost 94 per cent of grades were As and Bs.


3.40: Students at Blackheath High School had a 100 per cent pass rate this year, 77 per cent of which were A or B grades. More than a third of the independent girls’ school pupils achieved at least three grade As.

3.30: At Colfe's School in Lee, Dan Courtneidge, aged 18, is celebrating five A grades. He is now off to study Maths and Economics at Nottingham University. Congratulations also to Alice Higginson, Jemma Hoare, Louis McLean-Wait, Alex Millington Marshall, Frasat Shah and Andrew Sheridan, who all achieved four A grades. For the fifth year running, more than 70 per cent of all results were either A or B, with 13 pupils achieving at least three A grades.

1.29: Christ The King College in Lewisham achieved a pass rate of 98.6 per cent. Principal Dr Jane Overbury said: "We are very proud of the results our students have achieved, and they will now progress on to some of the most prestigious universities in the country."