ARCHAEOLOGISTS have discovered a 750-year-old tile bearing a picture of a woman, sparking the question ‘who is she?’

Last week volunteers digging at the site where the Randall Manor was in Shorne Woods Country Park, off Brewers Road, Shorne, discovered the tile showing the woman’s head and shoulders.

Albert Daniels, chairman of Maidstone Area Archaeological Group, found the tile, which is in good condition.

He said: “When I saw the face, my first thought was ‘who is this mystery figure?’”

It is speculated she may have been one of the wives from the Cobham family who lived at the medieval manor.

But nobody knows for sure who she is.

Perhaps the tile was created by a suitor of the fair haired lady, or perhaps it is the 1259 version of glamour model posters plastered on the bedroom walls of teenage boys nowadays.

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