IN JUNE, News Shopper asked all of the 14 MPs on its patch a series of questions about what they were doing over their 83-day summer recess.

All but one of them answered the simple questions, questions designed to draw out their opinions on the length of the break, especially after the expenses scandal, but which were also a little bit of fun.

They all entered into the spirit of it, giving some serious and some humourous answers to our light-hearted questions.

You may have seen some of them in last week’s Shopper. Some more of their answers appear this week on page seven and there will be more next week.

But one MP failed to see the funny side.

Gravesham’s Adam Holloway –— clearly agitated at the media having the temerity to want to tell his constituents how he planned to spend his three-month summer break –— refused to answer our questions.

Instead, he told us he was spending 69 days in Hawaii, before swearing at our reporter Dan Keel and hanging up.

Here is the full transcript of the conversation............

DAN: Hi it's Dan from the News Shopper newspaper. I was just wondering if you received my email about MP holidays?

HOLLOWAY: Ah the online lynch mob. Why don't you get on with doing some proper journalism.

DAN: So you won't be answering any of my questions?

HOLLOWAY: Yeah I will answer them - I will be going to Hawaii for 69 days - now f*ck off. Hangs up

News Shopper: Gravesham MP Adam Holloway failed to see the funny side

By any measure, 69 days is a long holiday and must be costing a pretty penny.

Mind you, our Adam looks after the pennies. This is, after all, the man who claimed back £1.95 for two light bulbs for his second home.

When we revealed the extent of his expenses back in June, Mr Holloway said: “Commuting made me less productive as an MP.”

We’re not sure how ‘productive as an MP’ he will be during his 69 day Hawaiian adventure.

Perhaps the whole Hawaii thing was Mr Holloway’s idea of a joke. We may never know.

But he was certainly rude. Very rude.

The mind boggles at how blue he would turn the air if he was asked a really controversial question if that is his reaction to a completely innocuous one.

Have a good break Mr Holloway, or, as the Hawaiians would say: “Panipani’e!”

To find out more about Hawaii and what your MP could get up to on a 69 day break, go to

The questions we tried to ask him:

1. How many holidays will you be going on during the summer recess?

2. Where are you going?

3. What type of accommodation will you be staying in?

4. What will you be doing with the rest of your recess?

5. Which book will you be reading on the beach?

6. What music will you be listening to on the plane?

7. What will you be thinking about while you are on holiday?

8. What's the first thing you will do when you return from your travels?

9. Do you think the summer recess for MPs is too long?

10. Swimming trunks or swimming shorts?