AN IRAQI doctor who crushed a pregnant woman with her 4x4 car in a road rage incident has been told she can resume her medical practice.

Dr May Arnaot (corr) formerly of Chandlers Drive, Erith, has twice been convicted of assaulting people and accused of racial abuse.

At a General Medical Council fitness to practice hearing last week, Dr Arnaot angrily interrupted the panel chairman, Professor Kevin Dalton and vowed not to treat British patients.

But the panel decided Dr Arnaot, who has not been allowed to practice since 2005, could go back to work under supervision.

The panel said it thought the decision could be “constructive”.

In 2006, Dr Arnaot, then aged 52, put six months pregnant nursery nurse Sarah Chambers, in hospital after crushing her against a sign at a petrol station in Northumberland Heath.

Miss Chambers, from Bexleyheath, and her partner Stephen Boakes had followed the doctor to the petrol station to ask for her insurance details after an incident at traffic lights in Bexleyheath.

During her trial it emerged Dr Arnaot was serving a suspended sentence for racially aggravated assault on a rail worker 10 months earlier.

Dr Arnaot was sentenced to 10 months in jail suspended for two years, for the two incidents.

At her trial, she claimed she was suffering from extreme menopausal symptoms which caused mood swings and irritability.

She told last week’s hearing: “These matters are entirely anger management matters, or it was combined with gynaecology health issues which have now, with time, been surpassed.”

Professor Dalton told her: “The panel is concerned you have shown limited insight into the seriousness of your convictions and into your professional misconduct, and issues relating to your anger management are still apparent.”

Dr Arnaot was told she must continue anger management counselling and either work for the NHS, or in private practice under a named supervisor for 18 months, who will report back to the GMC.

Miss Chambers said she was "disgusted" by the GMC decision.

She said: "After what she did to me and the way she put my son at risk, she should not be allowed to practice again."

She added: "It seems to me the people on the GMC panel have opened the door to the possibility of someone else being abused."