A PROP used in a television spy drama disrupted train services after sparking a security alert.

A passer-by called the emergency services after spotting what was described as an oil drum with wires sticking out in a yard close to Deptford train station.

But after a short investigation by officers from the Met, it was found the item was in fact a prop used in the television series Spooks.

The alert caused 12 trains travelling from Charing Cross to Dartford, Dover and Hastings to be delayed by more than half an hour between 11pm and midnight on July 1.

Others trains were forced to stop on the tracks for around 20 minutes and Landmann Way in New Cross was closed to all traffic while police checked out the item.

A spokesman for Southeastern trains said: "Our number one priority is the safety of passengers and so we stopped all trains in the area while officers checked out the area.

"Passengers were not delayed for any more than 30 minutes and things were up and running again as quickly as possible."

He added: "These things happen from time to time and we ask people to keep their eyes and ears open when travelling on trains."

The production company Kudos Film and Television said the item was "stored securely" at its studio in Bermondsey.

A spokeswoman said: “A prop used on Spooks was stored securely in the production’s private courtyard.

"A member of the public looked into the yard and, on seeing the prop, decided to alert the emergency services as a precaution.

"As soon as the Spooks production team were contacted, they confirmed the package was just a prop and not dangerous.”