As you may be aware I previously posted a blog entitled "Do Cancer Treatments Really Work?". This blog was the result of a project that I had been working on for a course that I am currently undertaking.

The blog received 1 comment of praise but also received a large number of comments informing me that people found this disrespectful in some ways and totally wrong.

I would like to apologise to those of you who were offended by my blog. It was never my intention to offend or upset anybody on the News Shopper website. I wanted to come back to "Blog Land" with a good informative blog, however it is clear that my findings were not appreciated by all, which is totally acceptable.

I would like to just point out however, that I do not necessarily believe that cancer treatments do not work. My opinion on the matter is that we should be putting all of our resources in to finding the cause and cure for cancer as too many people are affected by it.

In future, I will stick to writing about "silly and childish" issues which some people believe I am only capable of discussing.

Once again, my sincere apologies for any offence and inconvenience caused.