FURIOUS mums forced a full council meeting to come to an early end last night after jeering and shouting at councillors.

At a Greenwich Council meeting last night, councillors were met with cries of “shame” and “liars” as Councillor Jackie Smith tried to defend the decision to shut Charlotte Turner School, in Benbow Street, Deptford.

Just 15 minutes into the meeting, Mayor Allan MacCarthy announced councillors would adjourn for a short while, but five minutes later said the meeting would not continue.

Mothers of pupils at the school caused similar chaos at a cabinet meeting on May 19, when anger erupted after the decision to close the school was announced.

Plans for the school’s closure came after an Ofsted report last November found the 238 pupil school to be inadequate in every area.

During the meeting mum Angelina Leonida, of Besson Street, New Cross, said 90 per cent of children haven’t got places for schools in September.

Speaking after the meeting the 38-year-old said: “The parents haven’t been given their choices. Every child has a right to education but they’re not looking at that. They’re looking at financial things.

“We are not giving up on those children because we are fighting for what we believe in and we are fighting for our children’s education.”

During the meeting Councillor Smith denied Ms Leonida’s claims.

She said; “It’s simply not true that 90 per cent of children haven’t got places. There’s only 18 per cent that don’t have places.

“The decision to close Charlotte Turner School wasn’t made lightly. We believe that we gave every possible opportunity to Charlotte Turner to improve.”