The word on the street now the Market has returned is 'Bout Time'. Only to be dissappointed yet again by 'Bromleys Bumgling' and giving the Penge People what THEY think 'They' NEED instead of giving them what they WANT I'm sure there is a NEED for it somewhere in PENGE. Ooh da fort it ! In Grates you might think...not at all.... The Penge People want Champagne for Beer Money, and why not they deserve it.Thats why 'Top Banana Publications' is promoting a 'Friday General Market'.Thats the word on the street... I mean, what is the reason for the return of the Market? The exact result it got, to see Maple Road packed out with people spending money. And I should know I've 'Nicked'* a nice few quid ' when I've ever worked 'Penge Market'I mean would you stand out there all day for 4 pound 10 a week... Anyway thats another story. Thats me on the Front Page of the 'Penge Record'in Freezing February 1969 ...When I was 16 on Bertie Jones Fruit Stall facing up Maple Road, how 'ards' that? Maple Road is a Wind Tunnel