THREE men have been jailed for a total of 13 years after a pub fight in Bickley in which five people were stabbed.

Blood was said to be “everywhere” after the incident at The Bird in Hand, Bird in Hand Lane, on May 26 last year.

During a six-week trial at Croydon Crown Court, the jury heard how two groups of men arranged to fight at the pub.

Five people were stabbed, including defendants Dean Bagnall and Bernard King, who were both knifed by 36-year-old co-defendant Anthony Seagar.

The fracas unfolded as landlady Susan Malaley was upstairs putting her three-year-old daughter to bed.

Speaking to the News Shopper days after the fight, the 40-year-old said: "It's a nice pub and we've never had trouble before.

"I called the police when I heard the noise - it sounded like an almighty row.

"I went downstairs and saw blood everywhere. It was like carnage.”

Seagar, from Maidstone, was given a nine-year sentence after being found guilty of violent disorder and two charges of GBH with intent.

Bagnall, aged 44, of Faringdon Avenue, Bromley, was found guilty of violent disorder and given a two-year sentence.

King, aged 48, of Beblets Close, Orpington, was found guilty of the same charge and also jailed for two years.

Sentencing the three men, Judge Stephen Waller said “the police investigation team had been met by a wall of silence from all concerned”.

He added this was “quite clearly an expected and prearranged fight” between the two groups.

Investigating officer Detective Inspector Paul White said: "This incident was particularly savage and would have been frightening for those people in the premises who, through no fault of their own, were caught up in it.

“We are pleased with the convictions and the sentences handed down to those found guilty of their involvement.

“The sentences passed will serve as a warning that this type of behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in a civilised society."

Six other defendants were found not guilty at the trial.

Tyrone Seagar, aged 31, of Wellington Road, Bromley, was charged with violent disorder and GBH.

Asad Ahmed, aged 28, of Harwood Avenue, Bromley; Grant Debell, aged 32, of Nightingale Lane, Bromley, and 29-year-old Andrew Owen, of Southborough Lane, Bromley, were charged with violent disorder.

Mark Brown (also known as Mark Ripley), aged 30, of Ashgrove Road, Bromley, and Christian Lordan, aged 33, of Knotley Way, West Wickham, were also charged with violent disorder.

  • Paul Morgan will be tried at a later date after failing to appear for the trial.

The 32-year-old, of Lions Close, Mottingham, is charged with violent disorder and possessing an offensive weapon.