DOG owners could be hit with an £80 fine under new dog control orders being considered by Bromley Council.

The orders would replace the previous system of byelaws and could see dog walkers landed with a fine if they fail to clean up after their pets or let them off their leads in designated areas.

There will also be a fixed penalty notice for people who refuse to put their pooches on a lead when asked by authorised officers, or for owners who let their dogs stray into dog free zones.

Head of area management at Bromley Council Pete McCready said: “We want to ensure the environment is clean, safe, and pleasant for everyone to use.

“Anyone who owns or walks a dog must take responsibility for it and not allow their dog to enter a designated dog-free zone for example, or leave its mess for someone else to clean up.”

He added: "Dog control orders will enable us to address these and other issues through the system of fixed penalty notices."

Council bosses say the numbers of stray dogs being picked up has risen from 60 to 360 a year, forcing the local authority to employ its own kennels.

Residents have until June 30 to respond to a consultation on the new dog orders.

Find a full list of dog free zones and more information about the consultation on the council's website.