A 20-YEAR-OLD caught with a loaded gun in his car acted with “gross stupidity”.

Eren Kaptanoglu was outside Bromley Magistrates’ Court when police stopped him.

He claimed the four-barrelled Uberti Derringer pistol was left by two men he had given a lift to, Croydon Crown Court heard.

But Judge Cedric Joseph told him it would have been dangerous if it had fallen into the wrong hands.

Judge Joseph said: “It is a lethal weapon, capable of killing or causing severe injury.” Kaptanoglu, of Chesham Road, Orpington, admitted possessing a prohibited firearm and ammunition.

Defending Osman Osman said Kaptanoglu did not hand the weapon over when he found it because he was afraid police would be suspicious.

Mr Osman added: “He thought it was an antique. He was intending at some point to get rid of it.

“The serious implication of having the gun did not cross his mind. It was gross stupidity.” Prosecuting Alistair Fell said police on routine patrol saw Kaptanoglu in his silver Audi and while speaking to him found the gun on the back seat.

Sending him to detention for two years, Judge Joseph added: “Firearm offences are prevalent. One reads about them day in day out.”