MEMBERS enjoyed a Silent Evening in which they could bring displays of anything, put them up but not have to speak to the audience.

This is done in order to encourage members who are less confident at speaking in front of an audience a chance to show their collections.

In the end 13 members put up displays covering a wide variety of subjects, as follows: Michael Dobbs: RAF Post Office Postmarks and Ben Ferguson memorabilia.

Ken Cliff: GB GV 1922-QE, various world sets and diamond wedding card from the Queen.

Erica Banks: Philippines.

Ian Nutley: The Italian Airline LATI Transatlantic Service, Christmas 1939 to Christmas 1941.

Grahame Boutle: Hovercraft Inter-service Unit 1960-1975.

Bill Kirby: Falkland Islands 1995-2002.

Ian Reed: Saint Helena 1856-1953.

Peter Newman: Saar.

Ernie Burkin: Iceland Zeppelins, Pioneer Flights and Postcards.

Grahame Boutle: Comet 4 BOAC & BEA flight covers 1959-1961 Ron Burn: Holiday pictures and material from Tristan Da Cunha.

Charles Newson: Turks and Caicos Islands GVth period.

Chris Sands: Luxembourg 1927-1956.

George Whitehorn: Australia 1978-1990.

John Crowe gave a display entitled From Cook to Qantas on April 1.

The meeting on April 15 is a auction with some 300 lots on offer.

The society meets in the Public Hall, Bromley Road, Beckenham.

Full details can be obtained from secretary David Rennie on 020 8778 7001 or membership secretary Chris Sands on 020 8402 1263.