A MODEL from Lewisham has been chosen to front a poster campaign urging young men to check their testicles for lumps.

Yazmina Johnson, aged 19, from Lewisham, is featuring on posters being distributed around the country's hospitals, schools, university's and boy's toilets in a bid to cut testicular cancer rates among young men.

The campaign has been organised by charity Checkemlads.com Testicular Cancer Support to encourage young men to check their testicles and to not shy away from seeking help.

Philly Morris from Liverpool set up the charity after recovering from testicular cancer, and he thinks Miss Johnson is the prefect choice for the campaign.

The 36-year-old said: "She's young, she's really sweet and she's gorgeous. It's not a rude advert - but it's quite sexy.

"The poster might be a bit laddish but it's not crude. There's a little bit of blue humour that's all.

"We wanted someone who was gorgeous but who is down to earth and looks like a nice girl - not one of those glamour models."

Mr Morris says testicular cancer is completely curable if detected early and that only 10 per cent of men die from the disease.

He explained: "Most of the men who get into trouble are the younger men - teenagers who are too shy to check their testicles and ask for help.

"If you excuse the pun - as men get older they grow more balls and are not so scared.

"I hope that a younger man would see a picture of Yaz and think to himself 'wow - i haven't thought about that - I better check myself'."

Mr Morris plans to tour south London visiting colleges and giving talks in the near future. For more information or to request a visit from the charity, go to checkemlads.com

Testicular Cancer Facts:

- Between 2000 and 2200 UK men aged under 30 are diagnosed every year

- 90 per cent of these men survive

- 40 per cent of cases are found by the man's partner

- It is one of the fastest spreading forms of cancer