A WORRIED mum is convinced a mobile phone mast is responsible for the plague of health problems affecting her children.

Janice Micallef’s family has been experiencing nosebleeds, headaches and dizziness since a mast was built near their home in North Cray Road, Bexley, around six months ago.

The 54-year-old homeopath believes the Hutchinson 3G mast is to blame.

She said: “At first I didn’t associate it with the mast but then it got worse. My younger children now have nosebleeds two or three times a week and we are all ill.” The mast is used for new high-tech third generation mobile phones which researchers have claimed can lead to a number of medical complaints.

Mrs Micallef and her builder husband Mark, 49, are now worried about what the future may hold.

She said: “My mother-in-law has just been diagnosed with cancer. Although it might not be related it is worrying. If it was a drug they would test it but the health risks around masts are unproved and this is right outside our house.” The family’s medical practitioner, Martin Miles, has noticed a marked change in the children’s health.

He said: “I have looked after the children since before they were born and I know their patterns of health. They have never suffered nosebleeds before. There has been a real change in their health since the mast was put up.” A spokesman for Hutchinson 3G denied the problems were related to their equipment.

He said: “Our masts are built to very strict standards and whether they are 2G or 3G they do not have an impact on public health. We are sorry the lady is suffering problems within her family but we feel our equipment is not a contributing factor.”