AN anti-British National Party rally is set to take place in Swanley this weekend after the far-right party won a Sevenoaks District Council by-election.

The meeting has been organised by Julian Wilson, who is a member of the The Tonbridge and Hastings Socialist Party.

Various political groups have been invited including the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.

Alan Bullion, who is from the Liberal Democrats, is attending the rally.

He said it is to show to people the dangers of voting for the BNP party.

Mr Bullion said: “It is going to be a rally raising awareness of what is going on and the dangers of voting for the BNP.”

He added that he does not believe the BNP offer any long-term protection from the economic crisis.

Mr Golding said: “I can guarantee it will be a flop.

“It is not an anti BNP rally it is an extreme cranks meeting.

“They will get no support from locals and no-one will turn up.”

He also said he attended his first council meeting on Tuesday evening and he voted against the budget proposal to increase council tax by five per cent.

The protest has been organised following the BNP's shock win in Swanley St Mary's ward last Thursday. (February 19).

Paul Golding won by 76 votes, after standing for the first time in the Sevenoaks area.

Supporters will be meeting at 11am on Saturday (February 28) at The Mall in Swanley town centre.