A TEENAGER has spoken of the moment he attacked a man armed with two knives.

Andrew Dormer, aged 17, was speaking in the trial of Karl Bishop, aged 21, of Beaver Lodge, Carlton Road, Sidcup, at the Old Bailey today (Feb 10).

Bishop is accused of the murder of 18-year-old Rob Knox and the wounding of five others, including Andrew, outside the Metro Bar, Station Road, Sidcup, on May 24.

Andrew described how Mr Knox left the Metro Bar where they had been drinking after hearing a knife had been pulled on his younger brother by Bishop, and was followed out by around 20 other people.

The teenager described how Bishop was standing outside holding two knives up in front of him with the blades pointing upwards.

Andrew said: "He had a smirk on his face."

He said the crowd surrounding him were shouting: "Come on. Put down the knives and fight me one on one."

Bishop put his knives away and Andrew told the court: "I saw that as my chance to get him to the floor - to get rid of the knives really."

He punched Bishop in the face and then claims he was hit in the face by a bottle.

Andrew was not aware at the time that he had also been stabbed below his right collarbone.

Then he said the whole group moved forward to take on Bishop, with a wooden chair and bottles being thrown and Bishop being hit with piece of wood.

Andrew felt drowsy and collapsed on the ground before being taken to Kings College Hospital.

But acting for the defence, Ian Bourne told Andrew: "He looked frightened didn't he? His hands were shaking.

"A couple of people were shouting 'the police are coming' before you moved in to attack him.

"Until you attacked him he did not approach you or anybody else in the crowd to attack them."

Andrew and Mr Knox was also involved in a fight with Bishop on May 17 and Mr Bourne accused him of not telling police about that incident when he was interviewed following the stabbing.

The court heard on that occasion Bishop had been accusing people outside the same bar of stealing his mobile phone and was patting them down.

Andrew said his friend Dean Saunders pushed Bishop away and told him to go home.

He said Bishop threw the first punch but then Dean punched back and a crowd of people beat him up.

Andrew also admitted there had been kicking as well as punching during the fight which may have involved up to 14 people.

And he said Bishop came back a little later, goading the group and carrying a plank of wood, before the police arrived.

Andrew had also seen Bishop being beaten up against a car on May 23 at around 11.50pm, an attack which Rob also took part in.

Bishop denies murder and five counts of wounding with intent to cause GBH.

The trial continues.