HORDES of shoppers are pouring into Woolworths stores this morning (December 11) in search of a bargain as the beloved high street shop holds its closing down sale.

The historic chain, which has branches across the News Shopper area, collapsed last month after a rescue deal fell through.

Woolies’ administrator Deloitte announced the sale yesterday leading to shoppers braving the cold to try and get a bargain.

The branch of the chain in Queensway, Petts Wood, is full of people looking for cheap deals.

Terry Gill, of Poverest Road, Poverest, went there to see if there were any bargains on window cleaning products.

The 67-year-old window cleaner is sad to see the shop closing down. Mr Gill said: “It is sad to see Woolworths going because I have known them since I was a kid.

“I used to go in to get paint and chocolate, that sort of thing.”

Gay Pickett of Whitebeam Avenue, Petts Wood, queued up outside the same store at 8.50am to buy a Christmas present.

Mrs Pickett said: “It is very sad that the shop is closing. “It is a legend.”

News Shopper: Margaret Franklin and Gay Pickett with their Woolworths sale purchase

The 44-year-old bought a child’s play kitchen for £23.99 which she says was originally priced at £60 before being reduced to £30.

But she was expecting the price to be slashed again to £15 so is going to take her mother Margaret Franklin, 61, from Maidstone, to the Woolies in the Lewisham Centre, Lewisham, to see if it is cheaper there.

Jo Gibson, 32, lives in Queensway so sees the shop every day.

She said: “It is a shame really because it’s been around for a long time and it is even more of a shame for the people that work there.

“I do not know what’s going to happen and am just going to go in and see what bargains are in there.”

The manager of the Petts Wood shop was unable to comment.

Deloitte says it is making every effort to convert interest in the ailing chain into firm offers.

The administrator’s reorganisation services partner Neville Kahn said: “While we are still seeking bids from interested parties, Christmas is clearly the busiest time of the year for retailers and it is prudent to do all we can to sell existing stock.

“By moving to a store closing sale and further discounting the stock, we are maximising the sales potential that this period offers."