TRADERS and residents in Belvedere Village are laying on a bumper Christmas, after fighting off plans to “improve” the village.

The villagers turned down £1.3m from Transport for London because they said the strings attached to the cash, such as narrowing Nuxley Road to benefit its single bus route, would ruin the village.

Their campaign attracted huge support, but much of the money they raised to finance it was left unspent.

They have decided to spend the cash on Christmas.

The village already has its Christmas lights in place and on Saturday between 10am and 1pm, the village will host Santa’s Grotto, a free children entertainer, as well as a range of Christmas stalls.

There will also be singing from All Saints Church choir and the children from Lessness Heath Primary School.

The events will take place in Nuxley Road, between All Saints Church and The Baptist Church.

Any money raised will be donated to Greenwich and Bexley Cottage Hospice.