BUYING gifts for little boys is easy, right? Action figures, cars, sport – they’re easily satisfied. But what if the young fellas in your family are a bit choosier than that?

Here are a few gifts which are bound to put a smile on the face of even the most hard-to-please lads this Christmas.

The iCoaster (from Mega Bloks, £79.99, for ages 6+) will thrill boys and techno fans alike with its extreme magnetic force, state-of-the-art design and ultra cool physics.

Assembling the towers, tracks, sensors, stunts and Magnetic Elevator is easy, fast and exciting.

Sensors can be placed along the tracks, and when the Sound FX Music Studio is turned on, boys can create their own mix of tunes and effects.

Struxx (from Mega Bloks, available in three set sizes from £19.99 - £49.99, for ages 8+) is the new construction system on the block, It features skeletal pieces for innovative large-scale building – features include sound and light, motion detection, elastic pieces and wheels.

The Swap Top Workbench (from Worlds Apart, £79.99, for ages 3+) has been designed in bold red, yellow and silver, and is an attractive and functional desk and chair that will look good in any boy’s room.

Opened out into its playtime mode, there’s a workshop complete with tools, vice and drill including a saw, hammer and spanner to complete the play experience and provide endless inspiration for future engineers.

Bakugan (from Spinmaster, packs from £3.99, for ages 5+) is tipped to be one of this year's must-have games for boys with collectible characters and addictive, competitive action.

More extreme action can be had with the Tech Deck Finger Skateboards (from Spinmaster, from £3.99, for ages 9+), which allow kids to perform 360s, ollies and flips.

Cartoon character Ben10 is one of the hottest boys’ brands out there. Now boys can strap on the Ben10 Deluxe Omnitrix watch (from Bandai, £14.99, for age 4+) and enter Ben's world.

Another stalwart of the boys’ gift market is Pokemon. Now with the Diamond & Pearl Battle Trainer (from Bandai, £19.99, for ages 6+) boys can recreate the adventures of talented master Pokemon trainer Ash.

Power your way through all the training levels to capture the seven ancient Pokemon as you wage war on villainous Team Rocket to become a Pokemon master in your own right.

Power Rangers is also an old favourite. The DX Drivemax Megazord (from Bandai, £39.99, for ages 4+) is the ultimate in teamwork. Combine the Power Rangers' five speedy vehicles to make the unbeatable Megazord, or keep those wheels a turnin' with the Mega Truck function.

If you want to buy a virtual pet then be sure to check out the Woogies (from Mattel, £14.99, for ages 8+). These bad-mannered beasts feature sound recognition technology so boys can grunt, fart or burp to train them for a full-on gross-out contest with other Woogies. Lovely!

- Have you found any great gifts for boys out there? Let us know and we’ll check them out