A self-build housing scheme run by Europe's largest black housing co-operative has won a quality award.

The Quality Homes for Lewisham award was presented to Fusions Jameen self-build scheme, for 13 houses built in Nubia Way, Downham, last year.

A prize-giving reception was attended by comedian and writer Spike Milligan and freeman of the borough, Sybil Phoenix, on March 13.

Fusions Jameen asks self-builders to commit 24-hours a week for 18 months to complete their timber homes.

The award is the first to be given by a local authority to recognise the contribution made by other people in improving the quality of homes in the area.

Lewisham Council's housing committee chairman Dave Brown said: "Lewisham is a residential borough and therefore housing dominates the landscape.

"Our purpose is to improve the quality of housing for the people of Lewisham.

"This new award recognises the contribution others make to our aims.

"The standard of all entrants was extremely high. We hope next year's competition will be even be even bigger and better."

The judges praised the self-build scheme for its excellent building design and also its construction.

They also commended it for contributing to the regeneration of the borough, for its

social benefit to the community and concern for the environment.

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