A FIGHT between Millwall's Zampa the Lion and Swansea's Cyril the Swan has prompted the Football League to introduce a code of conduct for mascots.

During a Millwall away game in Swansea last season, the mascots got into a tussle which ended in Cyril the Swan pulling off Zampa's head and booting it into the crowd as a sacrifice to the Welsh fans.

Other incidents have included Wolfie the Wolverhampton Wanderers wolf setting on Bristol City's three little pigs, Bury's Robbie the Bobbie mooning Stoke City supporters and Hartlepool's H'Angus the Monkey groping a stewardess.

Now football chiefs are introducing the code for the start of next season to clamp down on the mischievous mascots.

It will stipulate mascots must not moon, distract players, go on the pitch during the match, and most importantly attack opposition mascots.

Zampa the Lion, who is also known as Sydenham single mother Lynn Rogers, 30, said: “On the day of the fight with Cyril the Swan, I was not inside the costume, another supporter was.

“I have spoken with Cyril the Swan and he apologised. He is a nice person. He told me it would never have happened if I was Zampa that day, but he was provoked.

“I am glad the new code of conduct is being drawn up because clubs often let just anyone be a mascot but we should be examples for the younger fans. Clubs need to value us more.

“It is a shame Millwall were involved in this incident. We are trying to get away from the violent image we have got.”

Millwall spokesman Deano Standing said the club would ensure in future, if Miss Rogers could not don the costume, they would make sure somebody as sensible as her would.

Explaining the decision to introduce the rules, a Football Association spokesman said: “These measures are being taken because in recent times the line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour has been blurred.

“These are not legally enforceable rules, but they are outlines of dos and don'ts.”