A FORMER Greenwich solicitor has been struck off after forging a client's will to make a profit.

Peter Casey Wells, who worked from offices in Greenwich High Road, was found guilty of offences "so serious that it could only have one consequence" at a tribunal last week.

Wells, who did not attend Thursday's hearing, was also ordered to pay costs of £5,169.

For the Law Society, Gerald Lynch said that as well as other serious accountancy breaches, Wells had forged the signatures of the testatrix and two witnesses on the will of a client.

Between 1993 and 1996, a total of £46,000 had been taken by him from the estate fund of the deceased lady - "well in excess of what he stood to get from the original will."

When Wells was confronted by an investigation accountant, he blamed matters on a "miscalculation", but was clearly guilty of a "systematic misuse" of his client's funds for three years.

Announcing the striking off of Wells - the subject of a Law Society intervention in March - tribunal chairman John Barnecutt asked for his congratulations to be passed on to the accountant for his part in exposing Wells.

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