FEATHERS were flying in Bromley at an unusual charity event in Homesdale Road.

Staff and customers from the Lord Holmesdale pub took part in a turkey-throwing contest to raise money for firefighters affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The event raised more than £400 and a few eyebrows among passers by.

Participants stopped traffic as they trooped to the floodlit Focus car park across the road to test their strength by throwing frozen turkeys.

The winner, Anthony Nokes, achieved a distance of 9m 50cm, while the loser managed just 3m 20cm.

Bar manager Marian Nokes said: "I don't really know where the idea came from but it was great fun.

"We had to use frozen turkeys as we thought it might be a bit sloppy otherwise. But they were hardly dented because it was so bitterly cold.

"It was harder than you would think but it seemed the more people had had to drink, the further they threw.

"We definitely got a few stares, people thought we were crazy, but I think we'll do it again. I don't know what we could throw for Easter!."