AT THE recent monthly dinner the members were treated to a trip down memory lane by Mike Morrison who gave an entertaining yet informative speech on the first few years of the club.

Many members, who were not around in the years after 1991, when the club was formed, had often asked about the club's beginnings so Mr Morrison obliged accordingly. He spoke about the prime movers who managed to get the club off the ground: Trevor Beech, Frank Beech and Alan Pyfield and he paid tribute to the first club chairman, Arthur Robinson.

The minutes from the first-ever club meeting were read out and Mike paid special tribute to Ernie Waghorn who has been the club treasurer since its beginning.

A couple of early disasters were recalled, and although they were far from funny at the time, they are now priceless pieces of club history. Tribute was paid to the spirit of camaraderie that grew up very early and which continues to the present day.

Mr Morrison ended his speech by retelling some "golden oldie", jokes that were circulating in those early years and judging by the hilarious reception they received, the jokes remained as funny as ever. The afternoon was brought to a happy conclusion as a number of the founder members recalled their own early memories.