A CONCERTED effort by a group of neighbours to stop a bus route through their road, has failed.

Bexley Council has confirmed its support for the diverted 233 bus route along Longlands Road in Sidcup.

The new route was introduced in March last year as part of an effort to create a more convenient bus network.

But people living in the road mounted furious opposition to the bus, saying Longlands was a residential road and not suitable for buses.

The buses between Swanley and New Eltham, run at 20 minute intervals on weekdays and every 30 minutes in the evenings and on Sundays. The Longlands road section of the route is hail-and-ride.

Now a review of the new route by London Transport Buses says the reliability of the 233 has improved and that the bus is well used.

Sidcup councillor Graham Holland told Bexley's traffic and transportation sub-committee that while there had been protests, the benefits of the new route outweighed the objections against it.

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