FIREFIGHTER Richard Turnham has finally got justice for the savage beating he received from a teenage mob during a charity concert he organised in memory of his late wife.

Danny Rees, from New Addington, and Lee Wilkins, from Biggin Hill, will spend eight and six months respectively at a young offenders' institution following the horrific attack on Mr Turnham and a family friend.

At the duo's sentencing, News Shopper won the right to name and shame Wilkins after our reporter stood up in court and asked the judge to lift an order banning the publication of the teenager's identity.

And Croydon Crown Court judge Timothy Stow QC, was so disgusted with the pair he granted our request, last Friday.

Mr Turnham, who was hospitalised for two days following the attack, told News Shopper how pleased he is that we won the right to name and shame Wilkins.

Rees, aged 18, rounded on the firefighter after being asked to stop vandalising a chemical toilet on the night of a memorial concert held in honour of Mr Turnham's late wife, Bev.

When family friend Ian Sanger stepped in to help, Wilkins, aged 16, of The Ridings, Biggin Hill, laid into him.

Half-a-dozen youths then pounced on the two fundraisers, putting Mr Turnham in hospital for two days.

AS DANNY Rees and Lee Wilkins spent their first hours behind bars, Richard Turnham spoke of his relief now his eight-month ordeal is over.

Still in counselling to come to terms with the horrific attack, the brave Biggin Hill firefighter hopes the sentences will send a clear message to other yobs.

Speaking after Rees and Wilkins were given eight and six months respectively, he said: "They're not spending the evening with their families and I am. They got what they deserved.

"I feel sorry for their parents but they don't see the suffering, the waking up in the night and the stress I've gone through.

"I was really impressed News Shopper stood up and asked for the ban to be lifted, I didn't know you could do that."

Rees, aged 18, of Corbett Close, New Addington, launched a vicious attack on the 49-year-old firefighter, after a charity concert in memory of his late wife, Bev, who died of cancer, to raise money for the Royal Marsden Hospital and the Firefighters' Benevolent Fund.

On being asked to stop vandalising chemical toilets at the concert, on Biggin Hill recreation ground, Rees took his coat off and challenged Mr Turnham, say-

ing: "What are you going to do about it?"

When the firefighter pushed him away, Rees lashed out and hit him in the face. Several others then piled in, leaving Mr Turnham with multiple facial fractures and several broken ribs.

Ian Sanger, of Newcastle, was subjected to an unprovoked attack by Wilkins, of The Ridings, Biggin Hill, when he went to Mr Turnham's aid.

Rees, who admitted grievous bodily harm on Mr Turnham, had a troubled upbringing, Croydon Crown Court was told.

Wilkins, who the court heard is from a "very respectable family", admitted actual bodily harm on Mr Sanger and has a previous conviction for threatening behaviour.

Sentencing the pair, Judge Timothy Stow QC said: "There is too much gratuitous violence by young people inflicted on innocent members of the public."